dinsdag 12 november 2013


I miss the good times. For a moment care free Lien on the picture.

I really suck with school stuff. I just can't concentrate and I don't even know why. What is the problem?
Too lazy?? Got to find a solution for this. Causee...
There's a solution to every problem.. Hmm... Finaly I'm rich again today. Paydayy from work. Last month they made a stupid mistake. Had to wait
a whole month because of that. Bu finally.. AND I did a good deed today. My first pay was not for me but for others.
It feels good to help other people. A litte donation for the Philippines. Watching the news, video's and pictures
is heartbreaking. My eyes just can't believe what Typhoon Haiyan did to the Philippines. I should do this more often.
Thinking about other people. Everybody should sometimes..
Dusss donate donate!!

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