dinsdag 1 april 2014


As we Dutch says: 1 april! Kikker in je bil!
April foolsday! Anyone got fooled today? Not me! for the first time! Haha.. Enjoy ur day today with funny jokes and pranks! Laughing us good! 


New iPhone 5s from the apple genius store. It looks like a 'new' one, but from the inside. Replaced this and this from here and there! Sucks! My camera works now as you can see but there's a annoying buzz! Not the same as my old iPhone.. They said it's possible.. But I don't think so.. I know for sure it isn't normal! Apple apple... I know many people with a iPhone 5s and I know for sure it isn't the same! Grrrrr...But on the bright sight.. At least I can make pictures from food again! Surprise treat from him. He knows I love this little treats. So good 👌
Foto met Vuong en ik met mijn hooikoorts face. It's time... #hooikoorts probleem