zaterdag 18 januari 2014


|Take me back to Paris! |
Such a romantic city! Love it! My weekend was perfect! We visited in August, and stayed for 4 days, the first 2 days were great! The weather was great! Sunny and the sky... beautifully blue! Unfortually on the last 2 days we had rainy days. But that didn't stop uss to explore Paris! On sunday there wasn't much to do. Most of the shops and also some restaurants are closed. But the rest of the days! Great! Paris really has my heart! The Eiffel Tower, Pont de l’Archevêché, Notre Dam Cathedral, China Town, Arc de Triomphe and ofcourse Ladurée for the macarons. Had to try the best for my first time Paris! They were goood! You can also buy macarons at the McDonalds there. I haven't tried them yet from de McDonalds. But for the next time ;). I really wanted to visit more places but unfortually we didn't have enough time! I really wanted to go to the other bridge( for the lovers! GO! So romantic, especially when the sun goes down); Pont des Arts, Louvre Pyramid, Disney World and more! I wish I had more than 4 days. I definitly have to gave back! Not only for that but also for the good food! Missing Vietnamese food at Pho 14 (China Town) and the sandwiches! You all should go to Paris! You will fall in loveeee like we did!


My face when my mothers home phone rings...
EVERYTIME when I get home that crazy phone keeps ringing! 5 different people or even more keeps calling and when you don't pick up the phone they keep calling like a psycho caller! Smh.. I was trying to study but that stupid phone keeps ringing and I'ts not even possible to put that ringer off! I just don't understand some people. If someone doesn't pick up after 4/5 times isn't obvious that the next call will be just the same?!? No words...... I asked my mom who is •••••? She told that he actually is a little bit crazy.... Now I understand. But I was still wondering what the F* could be so important to stalk uss. After 3/4 more calls my mom picked up. I was curious too so I wanted to sit next to her to eaves drop the conversation. The reason..... No words for it. -.-