maandag 27 januari 2014


I'm in the bus now on my way home. My alarm went off at 7:15. Snoozing till 7:30 because I was so tired. Need to leave my lovely bed (heartbreak) for my exam today. (I thought). Making myself ready and steady to go with a positive mind! Did it quickly (zwervermode). I was early and on time for the bus. For the first time not in a hurry at all 🙌! (Feels good, I should do this more often) Went to the location for my exam today. Arrived there and it began to hail! Had to walk to the building with hail in my eye, ear blablaa -.- the roads were all white from the hail. Forgot to bring my umbrella as always. I was sitting on a chair, warming up because it's so cold outside, quickly reading the important things before the exam. Waiting, waiting, reading and reading. Saw my classmate and we were chatting she told me that Social Psychology is on another day. My thoughts are. Why am I so stupiddddddd? But on the other hand. I was happy! More time to study! I already needed more time -.-. So I was prettayyy happy! Jeeejh! Sooo, no exam today! Going home again, but I took the wrong bus. (Again so stupid) Arrived at the wrong station. I stepped out the bus and I was thinking.. Where is this? -.- Found the tram lane to my house, and again the wrong one. But I'm finally home now! #HELLO MONDAY! Wrong plan for the day, wrong bus, wrong station, wrong tram line to home. Typical Monday! Have a nice week everybody!

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