woensdag 1 januari 2014


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My first year 'half' home alone and I loved it. All because I'm afraid of fireworks. The illegal firework here in Holland are just like boms. So loud! I'm soo afraid! Such a pussy and I can't do a #!?£@&#.. I'm sorry but many people have so many illegal fireworks. Also very dangerous. People have lost their hands and eyesight this year again. All because off that stupid shit! My little sister stayed at home with me. So sweet of her! My mom went to Ichizai, family/friends party. After 1:30 am I went to pick up my mom because I knew she would be tired after a long day off helping en cooking for the guest there. I thought people would stop by now with the fireworks because it already was 1:30...
But ohhh noo they didn't. It was scary as f* .. I was driving straight foreward because of the fear! While I should have go left with the car. My little sister thought she would die! She said Ohhhhhh LIENN!! So, I think I should not drive anymore with NYE! Haha. I might not be able to see the new year again....

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