zaterdag 18 januari 2014


My face when my mothers home phone rings...
EVERYTIME when I get home that crazy phone keeps ringing! 5 different people or even more keeps calling and when you don't pick up the phone they keep calling like a psycho caller! Smh.. I was trying to study but that stupid phone keeps ringing and I'ts not even possible to put that ringer off! I just don't understand some people. If someone doesn't pick up after 4/5 times isn't obvious that the next call will be just the same?!? No words...... I asked my mom who is •••••? She told that he actually is a little bit crazy.... Now I understand. But I was still wondering what the F* could be so important to stalk uss. After 3/4 more calls my mom picked up. I was curious too so I wanted to sit next to her to eaves drop the conversation. The reason..... No words for it. -.-

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