dinsdag 7 januari 2014


Yes, I might be a little bit toooo much EOS addict. I soo love these lipbalms. They smell so good and are way too cute! I bought every color because I wanted them all! The saleswoman was feeling a bit awkward. She wanted to asked me if this was a present or... She was afraid to ask the question so the salesman asked me. He laughed while asking. He said ehm: she wanted to ask but... *laugh*.....is this a present of just for you? I said: awkwardly.... Ehmm.. Just for me..... My little sister was laughing a little bit. That made it more awkward because I wanted to laugh too because of her stupid funny laugh face.. When we left the store she was laughing and said I was crazy to buy all those lipbalms! But hey! Why not! Haha.. Just wanted to have them all.. EOS should sell this in The Netherlands. They should have their own official EOS store!

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